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Banana Caramel Fudge Pancake
Picked from tall trees in a tropical harvest, they pour right into a pan to make an indulgent weekend breakfast.

Eaten with their friends of the same kind, they are topped with an oozy sauce like what bees refine.

The sauce is sweet and made in a pot, it’s just sugar but heated and stirred very hot.

Pistachio Cannoli
Made in a bakery and cooked far from bitterly, they come from a country that we all know as Italy.

Filled with a rich creamy inside and rolled up well, they are topped with a nut taken from inside a shell.

Cherry Bakewell Tart
Baked in an oven until crisp, their sweet filling drips with fruits bunched together and filled with hard pips.

It looks like a pie, yet they are sweet with no top, you will find them with ease at every good Bakery shop.

Raspberry White Choc Sponge
Called something that is normally found in a kitchen, this type of cake has a slightly different composition.

When eaten they feel soft and velvety, yet this cake’s flavour is a mix between white Cadbury and a tart, little red berry.

Strawberry Toasted Bread Gelato
An Italian dessert, cold and made from dairy, yet flavoured with planet earth’s favourite little red berry.

If that’s not enough, the mixture has been stuffed – with what you ask?

A sliced, nice, crisp breakfast staple transformed from hot wheat and water just like a bagel.